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"When Fido Has to Fly" Boston Globe (November 23, 2008)

The late Abbey Hall (left) and Grace after arriving in England, May 2007

When my husband’s company offered to transfer him to its U.K. office, my main concern was our Airedale Terriers, Abbey and Grace. “We can’t leave the girls behind,” I moaned, “but we’re not putting them into quarantine.”

Like many other pet owners, we were clueless about the rules for flying dogs overseas. It turns out that, as of 2002, vaccinated, micro-chipped pets can fly to European Union (E.U.) countries from the U.S. and Canada under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) without spending six months in quarantine.

From "When Fido has to fly"
by Elizabeth A. Hall
(c)2008 The Boston Globe