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"The Giant in the Forest" Highlights for Children (September 2009)

Deep in a forest of sycamore trees lives a sculpture called Giant's Head. The giant sits in a small clearing near a busy walking path.

Almost everyone stops to stare at the giant. Some people like to sit on his long, bumpy nose. Others reach up to touch his bushy hair. Time has taken its toll on the giant. At more than 10 years old, he could do with a serious haircut, and he appears to be sinking into the ground.

From "The Giant in the Forest"
Story and photos by Elizabeth A. Hall
(c)Highlights for Children, 2009

This nonfiction story for kids describes how Cornwall, U.K. artists Sue and Pete Hill made a mud sculpture from the root of a fallen sycamore tree. Giant's Head lives at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, a public garden in Cornwall.