Elizabeth Armstrong Hall

Writer & Writing Coach for Kids & Teens

"Liz Hall helps children sharpen their writing skills and appreciate the art of writing."
--Jennifer Nossal, Director, Fairfax Collegiate School
"Liz has really helped me prepare for secondary school and improve my understanding of English."
--Joseph Kinniburgh, Age 11

Students reading their one-act plays

A Sampling

Appleseeds, April 2012

Author Alexandra Horowitz (Inside of a Dog") explains how dogs communicate with people and other dogs.
Appleseeds, November-December 2011

The story of Confederate spy Rose Greenhow through the eyes of her daughter, "Little Rose"
Hemispheresmagazine.com, April 2010

A 95-pound beaver escapes from a beaver sanctuary in Devon, U.K. and eludes his would-be captors

Highlights for Children, September 2009

The making of the "Giant's Head" at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall, U.K.

Boston Globe, November 23, 2008

How two Airedales flew from Chicago to London without a hitch

Christian Science Monitor, November 7, 2008

By the time I mastered the roundabouts, it was time to return to the U.S.

Prentice-Hall Press, 1991
(c)1991 by Elizabeth Metzger Armstrong and David Armstrong.

An illustrated history of American health reformers and crusaders

Chronicle Books, 1979
(c)1979 by Elizabeth Metzger

Morning munchies in 1970s-era California and eastern Nevada

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Is your teenager applying to college? Liz prepares students for the SAT or ACT Writing section and coaches them on the fine art of writing college application essays. Liz also helps middle school kids write timed essays for the TJ High School Entrance Exam and prospective teachers prepare for the PRAXIS-I Pre-Professional Skills Test: Writing.

Is your teenager taking Advanced Placement English or U.S. History? Liz coaches students through these demanding course as they learn how to research and write essays and research papers. Test prep for the A.P. Exam available.

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"Learning how to write is like learning how to swim. It just takes practice."

Writing Basics & Test Prep
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SAT and ACT essays
Test Prep

College-bound students learn writing and editing skills required for the SAT and ACT Writing sections. Liz covers how to plan and write a well-written and thought-provoking essay under pressure. Using timed essays based on sample SAT and ACT prompts, students learn how to write quickly, avoid common grammatical and spelling errors, manage their time, and handle test-taking anxiety.

College Application Essays

Students learn how to plan and write an essay that will stand out from the pile.